General Meeting Monday March 2nd, 2015 at 7:00PM

The 22 Pound DXpedition(or SOTA for Geezers)

John Fritze, K2QY

How little equipment is necessary to make contacts (on HF)? Typically, as hams we think we need 100 watt transmitters at a minimum and huge antennas. How do we power transceivers for portable work? In this talk, we will compare power density for various batteries, discuss selecting a transceiver and an antenna for portable operations. A key trade-off is weight vs. power…just how much do you want to schlep? We will discuss various portable operations and DXpedition basics (e.g., foreign licensing, and operations, remote operating opportunities).

Photo of John FritzePrior to his Amateur Radio “career” John was involved with Albany County REACT, and served as Vice President. He was first licensed in 1978 as Novice (WA2TQW), became General then Advanced within the year, and became Extra Class in 1981. His call has been KB2CR since about 1980, and K2QY since 2003. He has served as president and director AARA multiple times since the early 1980s. He was one of the first VEs in the country (1984). He is currently on the board of directors of the AARA and president of ACACES. He has conducted ARRL, FEMA & NWS training, and is the Northern District Emergency Coordinator (ENY Section).

John’s ham radio interests include:

  • Casual DXer, Contester, HF operator, and Mobile HF operator
  • All Digital Modes
  • APRS
  • Satellite, ISS
  • Teaching license classes (Novice to Extra)
  • ISS school contact in 2011
  • Repeater ownership (146.640 –Bethlehem)
  • Direction Finding
  • Summits on the Air  (SOTA), DXpeditions
  • Home Brewing /Experimenting
  • EMCOMM  and public awareness
  • Things I haven’t thought of yet!

If Niskayuna High School cancels evening classes and activities, the SARA meeting will normally be cancelled and possibly rescheduled. Listen to the SARA 147.060 repeater for meeting status information and whether the meeting will be rescheduled.

SARA meetings are generally held in the Little Theatre of the Niskayuna High School on Balltown Road unless otherwise noted. Attendees should enter the school through the cafeteria entrance located on the side of the school, adjacent to the Nott Street Extension school parking lot.

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